Magical place


The feeling was that we had seen that place for the thousand times, however, it still was as it was for the first time.
– We’re here again! – Sophie shouted.
I just observed a Sophie for a bit.
-Oh! Oh! Oh!
I laughed too loud.

Hanna, you should try to make some eco. – said Sophie laughing.
– Ahhhhhuuuu! – shouted Hanna, imitating what looked like a wolf on the top of the mountain.
However, we heard a scream.
– Did you hear that?
– Hello! Hello! -Sophie shouted.
HELLOOOO! – shouted another voice.
– What are you doing, Sophie? – protested Hanna. -We don’t know who’s on the other side.
– Oh, come on. – mumbled Sophie. – It’s too far away and it’s just a joke.
– You’re right. I have to learn how to relax more.
I hesitated, and then …
– Ahhhh uhhhh! – yelled both at the same time.
That day, we were not alone in the forest.
It is a magical place, something special happens there every time we are going there.

A sensação era a de que tínhamos visto aquele lugar pela milésima vez, no entanto, o sentimento era como se fosse a primeira vez.
– Estamos aqui – gritou Sophie.
Fiquei a olhar para Sophie por alguns instantes.
– Ah! Ah!Ah!
– Hanna, devias experimentar a ouvir o teu eco – disse Sophie.
– Ahhhh uhhhh – gritou Hanna, a imitar o que parecia um lobo.
Entretanto, ouvimos um grito.
– Ouvis-te?
– Olá! Olá! – gritou Sophie.
OLÁÁÁÁ – gritou a outra voz.
– O que estás a fazer, Sophie? – Protestou Hanna. – Não sabemos quem pode estar do outro lado.
– Oh, vá lá. – murmurou Sophie. – está muito longe e é só uma brincadeira.
– Tens razão. Tenho que apreender a descontrair mais.
Hesitei e, depois…
– Ahhhh uhhhh – gritamos as duas ao mesmo tempo.
Naquele dia, não estávamos sozinhas na floresta.
É um lugar mágico, acontece sempre algo de especial.

Credits: Image and text thescheme617

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