Alice in Wonderland

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When I opened my eyes in the morning on the beach, something was different. I realized that there was no sun. It was the fog. It was like the white-grey tonality of a cloudy day on the beach, but somehow it was the moody environment and a fantastic sight.


I stared at the window. – Is this what’s under the canals of Amsterdam? – asked Sarah. I frown as I ponder over my words. – Well, this is a fun way to raise awareness. – Yes! – said Sarah.


– Here is the path, – Jacob said. I started to think we were going the other way. There was a lot of light and hot air back there. I was opening and closing the eyes, trying to adapt them to the strong light.

Mountain Fog

The night before, Rita and I had organized a walk to the mountains. – This way, – Rita pointed out, showing me the new track we had discovered last week. Sophie and Rita sighed. – Are we still far? – Sophie asked.